My name is Rich Celia and I am a USA Level 4 goalie Instructor. There will be 6-8 Goalie dressed Instructors on the ice and at least two shooters for every goalie. Please contact me for more information. There are still a few slots left. Look forward to seeing you between the Pipes. Thank You, Rich

There will be four different paragraphs that refer to four different groups so please make sure you pay attention to yours.

The first one is for the goalies that will be participating in the camp this summer at Cairns on rink one, M-F, August 03 to August 07 from 1100-1:00 on ice, lunch then one hour off ice specific goalie training. Foot work, quickness, hand eye coordination and mental preparation. Everything will be completed by approximately 2:30. The price is $300.00 which includes a goalie jersey and an off ice work out shirt! Please bring a lunch, water, sneakers, off ice clothes, aggressive attitude, focus and a love of the game. Please be on time so you can stretch off ice and get mentally prepared for the clinic. We will talk how to get ready, be prepared for practices and games. Your team has to always know you are ready and willing to give every bit of energy you have every time you step on the ice. It makes a huge difference in the way your team will play in front of you. You have to think the position not just play it. It does not matter how old you are, get your equipment together before you leave for the rink and carry your own stuff. Your parents are not the ones playing, they are the one's paying. This is another way of getting ready for a practice or game. If you walk into the rink with empty hands your mind will be empty as well for what you are actually there for. There will be approximately 6-8 on ice goalie instructors along with myself and at least one shooter for every goalie, some stations will have two for certain moves. Anyone having difficulty with any moves will have specific one on one training and all goalies will be taught to their level and beyond. The first half hour every goalie will be working on the basic stance and moves to be a good tender. The basics are very important to be able to move on to the the next levels. I need to know off ice shirt sizes for the work out shirts and I also need you to send a $300.00 check in my name to my address which is; Rich Celia, 58 Beech Street, Essex Jct, Vt 05452 As soon as you can so I can order the correct sizes for the participants.

The second one is for the instructors; I need to hear from you goalies that are going to be my on ice instructors in equipment!! Please send me your off ice shirt size so I can order them now. If you know of another good goalie instructor and they would like to participate please let me know. You guys and gals are a big part of this clinic to pass on what you have learned over the years. Bring water, lunch and off ice cloths. I need you to bring your excitement of the game so the camp will have it and let the participants see how to be prepared and enjoy the game. Please e-mail me ASAP about being a instructor and size of shirt. Thank you for volunteering your time to help these players be a better tender. Rich

The Third one is for the shooters; I like to have shooters of all ages since I have goalies of all ages. This gives you time on ice, work on your shots and an understanding of how a goalie has to prepared and what they go through in preparation for their position. I also need you to bring water, Lunch, sneakers and off ice cloths. I need your off ice shirt size so I can order a shirt for each of you. Please let me know ASAP about being able to participate and shirt size. You shooters are a very important part of this clinic because you allow the goalies to get their practice and moves down correctly. The first half hour you will be at the other end of the ice while we work on the basic goalie moves at the other end. You can all play a little pond hockey while you wait. You also need to bring excitement to the rink for the tenders. Thank you for volunteering your time. Rich

The forth one is for the Parents; Thank you for allowing your child to be part of this clinic whether it is a goalie, a shooter or an instructor. I'm sure most of you know me and this is all about having your child love the game, get better at it and how to be part of a unique position that only one in 15 play so they are in a league of their own and as the saying goes, "They are on their own island". This clinic is also about improving their mind set on how to work on drills themselves since not every team has a goalie coach and many coaches do not know the finer in's and outs of the position including the mind set. This is probably the most important piece to being a goalie since it drives everything else they do from packing their own equipment to preparing for practice and playing in a game. How to handle disappointment, Challenges, past mistakes, past success's and how to be passionate about stopping the puck. I want these goalies to be able to prepare on their own for on and off the ice.

I Lied, there is a fifth one; This is for coaches/parents that want to come and learn how to teach your goalies how to better and to educate you on how to incorporate the goalie into your practices other than being a target for the shooters. The goalies on your teams need attention like everyone else and you HAVE to give them the opportunity to succeed. Do not blame or rag on your goalie when they do not get the attention you put into all of the other players and than they play poorly. So I think when you have three coaches which most teams have at least that on the ice I think you can afford to have one of them know some of this and let them work with your goalie as one of you is working the offense and the other defense. You should not let the goalie get away with making the same mistake over and over again because that same mistake will happen during the game so correct them on the spot. I will show you how to use tires to help with angles and to keep them out of the net. If any of you know of any other kids in your organizations that you may think would want to participate in this clinic or coaches have them contact me. Thank you and I look forward to a great clinic

What's behind every good goalie? "An Empty Net"

"If you're five minutes early you're on time, if you're on time you're late"

Please let me know ASAP so I can order the jerseys and t-shirts. Thank you in advance and if you have any questions e-mail or call. Thanks, Rich 238-7583.